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Brotherhood of the Wolf

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One of the most misunderstood films of all time, Brotherhood of the Wolf isn't really a horror movie but more of a genre-bending grab bag of different themes that work surprisingly well together.  Part horror movie, part wire fu martial arts movie, part period piece with some complex sideplot involving the aristocracy, Brotherhood of the Wolf defies being pigeon-holed except for the fact that it obviously takes after conventions of the best monster movies(such as Aliens).  Many will resist this strange concoction with only a few confusing parts, but those with the right mindset for it will find a brilliant film with an intoxicating visual style. The characters are brilliant, especially the villains, and the script is cleanly written and fast paced with only a few noticeable snags. But the best part of this movie is the final revelation about the true nature of the "Beast".  Watch it and you'll see why I say this movie isn't a true horror movie, even though I place it in the horror section. All in all, Brotherhood of the Wolf is an underrated gem. Originally French with English subtitles  Grade: A-

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