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This silent movie horror masterpiece was an unauthorized production of Bram Stoker's Dracula but is probably the movie that does the source material the best justice.  Unlike with The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, with Nosferatu you slowly forget that you're watching a silent movie because the story is so gripping and the creepiness of the vampire is so effective.  Even by today's standards, the visual effects and camera trickery used in this movie is just flat out amazing.  The title character produces some high level creepiness that rival many of today's horror movies, and you truly get a sense just how evil Nosferatu is.  However the story provides a style of entertainment that can only seem to come from an old movie these days.  The only things keeping this movie from sheer perfection is the villain's totally useless sidekick and the rather graceless ending.  If you choose to pick up this movie, be sure to turn the speakers completely off.  Some of the reproductions can have soundtracks that are. . . .jarring to say the least.  Silent movie with English narrative  Grade: A

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