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Yars' Revenge
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A fun little game from the Atari 2600 and definitely one of my favorite titles.  Definitely had a lot more color than most Atari games.  In it, you played a fly called a Yar.  Your enemy was a pinwheel type thing called a Qotile, who sat behind a shield.  Its only weapon was a hyphen of death that followed you around wherever you went.  Thankfully there was a band of color going down the middle that protected you from the missile.  But NOT from the Qotile.  Every once in a while, the pinwheel would change colors and fire itself at your Yar.  To defeat the Qotile, you had to eat at the shield to make your cannon appear on the left side, aim carefully when you depleted the shield enough, fire at the Qotile and get the heck out of the way.  The game got more difficult the better you did.  Ah.  Good times. 
Grade: Decent

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