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The Incredibles is finally out on DVD, and yes, it is an incredible film, if you'll pardon the utterance that has probably been used well over a dozen times.  Animation has probably found the perfect match up in the team of Brad Bird(The Iron Giant), Disney, and Pixar.  Brad Bird once again lends a human touch to a genre that could've otherwise been riddled with cliches--the superhero movie.  The characters are brilliant and seem both bigger-than-life and very real.  The Incredibles suffer and enjoy very real family squabbles, compromises, and joys.  The writing is very witty and hilarious without relying on stale jokes.  The movie pays homage to 60s James Bond-ish gadgetry and derring-do and good old fashioned high speed action like what you would see in Star Wars.  And of course the movie has a very real message in that we seem to live in an age of too many frivolous lawsuits.  The DVD itself contains the standard for animated movies.  Commentary, deleted scenes, shorts, and few nifty games and stuff.  The highlight of the extra stuff is the short Jack Jack's Attack, which is about what we don't see when the baby sitter takes over in the movie.  But even without all this, the movie itself is worth the price of getting the DVD.  For my money, I still liked Finding Nemo better, but The Incredibles contains less of that typical Disney schtick and hipness and far more action.  In my book, that's always a good thing.  Grade: A

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