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Juon: The Grudge 2
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Japanese horror director Takashi Shimizu hasn't lost his flair for creepy imageries.  In fact, the sequel to the original Japanese version of The Grudge seems to possess even more flat out disturbing and just plain wrong scenes than the first.  However, lightning doesn't strike twice this time around, as it seems that Shimizu didn't spend as much time polishing off this one as the original.  The opening contains subtitles that are too fast to read.  From there it becomes more reasonable, but you occasionally realize that somebody should've fired the one in charge of localization, as it frequently devolves into confusing and really terrible "Engrish".  Those who haven't seen the original might become lost, as they won't know or understand the history behind the two main ghosts, Kayako and Toshio.  Fans of the original will derive more enjoyment out of this, but it's an odd mixture of genuine chills and muddled scenes that make no sense.  If you thought the original was confusing, the sequel is worse, as it ultimately raises lots of questions but gives no answers.  I'm still trying to figure out what point the "school girl" story arc had.  Other scenes the average Western moviegoer might laugh at.  Note such "classic" spooky conventions as a moving wig, a butt print that follows people around, and much body shaking and spazzing out.  Even still, it wouldn't be fair to call this a terrible movie, as there are many genuine nuggets buried within.  Japanese language with English subtitles  Grade: B-

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