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Finally!  A Disney cartoon worth watching!  It's been a while since the last time a cartoon from the Disney Channel seemed interesting to me.  The Buzz on Maggie tells the story of a "teen fly" girl living with her fly family and going to school in an insect town.  All the typical kid stuff but with insects instead of people.  The show does dip into stock formula and cliches every once in a while.  This IS Disney we're talking about.  But the opening theme song is fun and hip.  The animation is bright and colorful.  The characters are fun.  And it's EXCEEDINGLY funny.  It also doesn't let the kids forget that the characters still do insect things even when they're acting like people.  Whatever grossness might ensue is most likely due to the subject material.
Average grade so far: A-
Worst episode: Work in progress
Best episode: Work in progress

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