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Star Fox 64
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Star Fox 64 gave me fond memories of the early days of the original Star Fox, one of the most revolutionary games for its time.  Even today, Star Fox 64 holds up well because the action is just that good.  Star Fox 64 is the big brother of the original Star Fox.  Everything the original did well, this game did better.  The stage selection screen is even a 3D, fully rotatable solar system.  Star Fox 64 still has the same branching paths with different difficulty levels.  It still has the same forward scrolling action in the Arwing with the ability to barrel roll.  Added are some new perks to make the action even hotter.  Star Fox 64 took a cue from the cancelled Star Fox 2 and created some stages that allowed the player to fly around in 3D within a bordered arena.  This made for some of the most memorable battles ever in a video game.  Star Fox 64 also had a reward system in which a medal was given for the planet if a minimum kill point was met.  This tied in with the most important element Star Fox 64 brought to the franchise--the lock on element.  Star Fox 64 allowed the player to lock onto an enemy and fire a homing blast.  Multiple enemies brought down in one blast actually equals to a higher kill point than the same number of enemies brought down one at a time.  The music and the ending may not be as memorable as the first Star Fox, but the ending is worth a chuckle.  In it, the Star Fox team actually present General Pepper with a bill, and his reaction to it depends on how well you did in the game.  All in all, Star Fox 64 is one of the most memorable games of all time, a worthy successor to the original Star Fox, and arguably the best entry in the series.
Grade: Great

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