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Tear Drop Eyes and Pastel Hooves: A My Little Pony and Precious Moments Site
My Ponies

This is my current collection of ponies. It's small but growing. Most of them are G3s.

From left to right: Tink-a-tink-a-too, Pinkie Pie second edition, Sunny Daze(back), Rainbow Dash, Minty From left to right: SLH Wing Song, SLH Aloha Pearl(back), Tea Leaf, Fluttershy, SLH Petal Blossom(back) From left to right: Bebop, Luau, Sunshower
From left to right: Baby Goody Gumdrop, Drink n Wet Baby Cuddles(G1 pony), Baby Sunset(International G1), Baby Bellaluna, Baby Flower Flash(back) From left to right: Strawberry Swirl, Sparkleworks second edition, Toodleloo, Rain or Shine Star Swirl, Winter Snow(International G3) From left to right: Evening wear Sunny Daze(back), Daisyjo, Evening wear Sparkleworks, Star Beam
From left to right: Kiwi Tart, Tropical Surprise, Toboggan, Sapphire Shores(back) From left to right: April Mist, Baby Penny Candy, Pepperberry(back), Seaside Celebration Cherry Blossom SS Baby Rose Blossom
From left to right: Claw machine plushies Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Sunny Daze