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Tear Drop Eyes and Pastel Hooves: A My Little Pony and Precious Moments Site
My Little Pony Episode Reviews

Here you'll find summaries of every episode of My Little Pony and what I think about them.

Firefly's Adventure
The tv special that introduced the world to the magic of My Little Pony, Firefly's Adventure features who is perhaps the most famous pony of all, Firefly herself. In the land of Dream Valley, the Little Ponies are happily playing. But their happiness and playful romps are cut short when an evil being known as Tirek sends his minion Scorpan to capture ponies to transform into monsters and pull Tirek's chariot. Firefly flies over the rainbow to the human world to enlist the aid of a young girl named Megan. Firefly's Adventure is probably considered the most important episode, as it is the pilot episode. It is also one of the series' best episodes. Subsequent My Little Pony episodes have been mostly lighthearted fare, but Firefly's Adventure is actually pretty dark and scary. It also started what would go on to become an important theme for My Little Pony, that certain villains have hearts of gold buried within them. I also adore those seaponies. They really know how to sing.
Rating: *****

Escape From Catrina
In the second tv special for My Little Pony, the ponies of Dream Valley are celebrating the return of Megan with a planned costume party. Meanwhile, a creature named Catrina is using the Bushwoolies as slaves to help her press witch weed into a liquid that gives her power. When the Bushwoolies escape, Catrina tries to kidnap a few ponies to use as her new labor. Escape From Catrina, while not as dark and scary, is the equal of Firefly's Adventure and perhaps its superior. I love the couple of Catrina and Rep. One mean and evil. One determined to soften the other's heart and bring their relationship back to "the good old days." I also love the whole "Dressed Like A Dream" sequence at the end. Not only is it funny and charming, but it has what is hands down the best song ever in a My Little Pony episode.
Rating: *****