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Tear Drop Eyes and Pastel Hooves: A My Little Pony and Precious Moments Site
My Little Pony Characters

Here is a list of all the major pony characters that appear in the cartoon and their pictures. The list is small, but I'll add more soon.

Applejack--An orange earth pony with yellow hair. Has apples symbol. Naturally, likes picking apples.

Bowtie--A blue earth pony with pink hair. Has pink bows for a symbol.

Bubbles--A yellow earth pony with blue hair. Has blue and green bubbles for a symbol.

Cotton Candy--A pink earth pony with pink hair. Has white circles for a symbol.

Ember--A baby purple earth pony with pink hair and no symbol.

Firefly--The most famous My Little Pony of all. Firefly is a pink pegasus with blue hair and lightning bolts for a symbol. She is very brave.